In a blog post on Harvard Business review Bob Johansen write that it will be new demands on leadership in the future of cause accompanied with very predictable comments on the theme business as usual. He point out that leaders now and in the future has to be more agile at the same time strategic and masters in handling dilemmas. He write that Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity will get worse in the future. Solvable problems will still abound, but top leaders will more often have to make decisions and try to win when it comes to dilemmas with no solution. Or as an old friend of my call it – nasty problems.

In a new survey McKinsey & Co point out that the global economy faces significant challenges as it continues to integrate, 63 percent of the respondent expect increased overall volatility to become a permanent feature of the global economy, and another 23 percent see sharply higher levels of volatility that will undermine the economy’s robustness.

In the blog post Mr Johansen also write that leaders will need to make the links and organize people for action — yet also protect against dangerous or dysfunctional connectivity. Recently we could read about how the large Indian IT vendor Infosys got into huge trouble when a large number of employees were posting angry posts in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is unique, and Infosys management was totally of control. One example on how the new interconnected and volatile world work and look like.

To be able to act and deliver results Bob Johansen point of ten important managerial skill to look for, rank yourself below.

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