New York City: Magnus Penker discusses common blockers to innovation

Organizations of all kinds must innovate their way into future or get buried by the past. For more than a decade, Magnus Penker has been devoted to rescuing organizations by assessing their strengths and helping them implement their own unique innovation strategies. His Stockholm based consulting company Innovation360 works closely with global 100 executives in tech, finance, manufacturing, energy and some of the world’s largest funds. Governments and governmental bodies all around the world are using his methodology to lay the groundwork for a more sustainable future. He has been honored as Sweden’s ‘Most Innovative CEO 2016’ by Business Worldwide Magazine and was recognized as a ‘Global Top 100 CEO’ by CEO Monthly in 2018. Over the years, he has launched 10 start-ups and has acquired, turned around, and sold more than 30 SMEs across Europe.

Magnus Penker on Innovation (Subtitled in English)

Adapt or die. That’s a summation of the evolutionary theory known as the Red Queen Effect. Under certain environmental conditions, some organisms must remain in a state of continuously adaptation or their entire species will face extinction. That’s eerily similar to the situation faced by organizations trying to stay profitable under the current global economic picture. Innovate or be disrupted.

How Ready are you to Innovate

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce proudly invited top executives and influencers to this exclusive workshop held at the Swedish embassy in Washington DC in cooperation with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Magnus Penker and Peet van Biljon.

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