Back in the 90´s I was one of the founder and the CEO of Open Training, a dynamic e-Learning company that pretty much changed the way interactive learning was applied. We sold the companyb to a Nasdaq company back in 2005, and after that I have not been involved in anything even close to e-Learning. However, a lot of things have happened since then. Maby the globalization is the most important driving forces of today’s companies where differentiation and innovation is crucial to be able to create superior value, and developing capabilities and competences is the foundation of that. The development of competences and capabilities must be efficient, speedy, flexible and scalable in order to be able to support the company’s global strategies for diffrentiation. A challange of cause. The name of the game is channel independent online learning – where you at the same time build your intellectual capital as well as developing competences and capabilities in real time anywhere in the company and over the whole companie’s values chain.

Yesterday I invested in a very dynamic e-Learning company, namely Lexicon Interactive. A company with great knowledge in channel independent communication as well as high skills in production, consulting and learning tools for the market.  After the summer I chair the company, really looking forward to that! Nice to be back. (translated with Google)