As late as the other day I got it confirmed again. A lot of Swedish HR people does have a dominating PA perspective (PA=personal administration; employee admin) on their function, meaning less business-orientation. Which I also believe is the reason why Swedish HR people complain that they do not get the right attention on C-level. If you are a Swedish reader you can also read an interesting post on Magnus Dalsvall´s blog about the different HR perspective n the Swedish debate

If people are the most scarce and valuable resource (which I happen to believe) then it is crucial working long term and on a strategic level not playing to role of administration or service office. If you want the C-level people’s attention you need to act, not taking the seat in the back complaining about the ride. Grab the wheels instead, or at least act the map-reader.

To give a flavor my perception regarding strategic HR, I would say it is about:

  1. How do I maximize bottom-line impact from attracting, recruiting, retaining, developing and push forward the global talents
  2. How to we nourish a company culture empowering and enrolling the business strategies; E.g. languages, stories, symbols, rituals, and values. Getting all people on the boat
  3. Deploying a reward framework. Fairness and motivation.
  4. Building and strengthen the psychology contract within the organization
  5. Defining and developing the line of sight – what actions and values lead to what and why
  6. Career planning and careers paths linked to the future business objectives and need of resources
  7. Building transfer mechanisms for transferring skills, knowledge and know-how to structural capital making the operation scalable, efficient and less vulnerable

So, please with sugar on the top – stop complain that CEOs and other C-level peoples does not listen or show interest and start acting strategic aligning the most valuable resources with the business objects and vice versa.