PR has, generally spoken, changed over time and become more complex as the possibilities of interacting and building relations has exponential increased over time. Old truth might still be truth but often simplified approaches not possible to apply other than as isolated events.

Today building relationship impacting specific target groups is a holistic challenge, not a isolated task. All stakeholders have to be mapped, outlined, and analyzed based on previous actions, current beliefs and values and future expectations. Due to Internet and a flattened world the speed and number of possible point of connections has dramatically increased and continue to increase meaning that PR become a complex discipline whereas relations, primary and secondary stakeholders interest, power, urgency and legitimacy has to be understood over time, not as a snap shot. Transparency, social and environmental issues are also interlinked in all analysis today – as most people see responsibility as a prerequisite doing business.

As PR become more complex, faster, as well as integrated, holistic approaches as well as dynamic tools is required doing a good job. One of the recently awarded PR blogger having this approach is Doktor Spinn, have a look at his blog