For some time now have Area Of Excellence, where I have the privilege of being Chairman of the Board, developed a certified training program in Talent Management. The training program has been developed, and delivered in collaboration with the Swedish Computer Association. We collected a number of really sharp trainers (Swedish and international) as well as the latest scientific developments in Talent Management. Personally, I hold in the initial block … Will be really fun and challenging.

At its core, talent management is about following;

  1. Reduce the aquistion cost of human capital, i.e. strong employer branding and offer to the talent market as well as onboarding programs
  2. Increase the return on human capital, i.e. get the most from development, career coaching, performance management, coaching, etc.
  3. Extend period of depreciation of human capital, i.e. reduce staff turnover to healthy levels where people come to work and give the iron
  4. Optimizing human capital cost structure, i.e. optimize the tax and labor costs by national and international sourcing/allocation

We want to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and be better able to attract, retain and develop our talents and you are welcome to help and spread the word by sending the link below through to HR executives, CEOs, directors, business development and perhaps a consultant managers who you think will benefit of this