The Innovation 360 client, Netsafe International, a company known by its expert services within the areas data communications, IT security, data centers and operator networks, was acquired by  Danish company Conscia AS during 2015.

The acquisition and merge was part of  well structured innovative business and market strategy that aimed to integrate and complement the best of each company into a new consortium that expands Conscia’s market to Sweden and that has as a goal to be the strongest provider of  system integration of network services in Sweden.

Netsafe International and Conscia A/S are two well known companies within their specialty area, being certified Cisco Golden partners. Therefore the acquisition was a proccess that complemented both companies’ capacities to make them stronger. Quting AI (the organisation awarding the deal of the year) there “was a strategic fit between the two companies and their agendas”.

The acquisition from the Danish company Conscia has as a goal to make Netsafe,  the leading company within system integration of network services that caters for the most demanding clients in Sweden. It resulted in a profitable business, with a turnover equal to half a billion Swedish Crowns, in a period of 5 years.

The selling team was represented by NetSafe’s founder and CEO Emanuel Lipschütz, Magnus Penker Chairman and strategy consultant and CEO to Innovation 360 Group, as well as lawyer Peter Hummelblad from firm Wåhlin and was the final of a well planned and strategi agenda. Conscia was represented by  the company owners and Danish VC.

The positive results of this purchase has been awarded by the Acquisition International granting of the Deal of the Year Award 2015 to Netsafe International and it´s team due to a successful transaction.

For a full article regarding the acquisition go to the Acquisition International Deal of the Year Award 2015 website.