Today one of the largest innovation lifts in EU was launched – 30 parallell SMEs Grown-Ups with +2,000 employees in the Swedish “Mittelstand” Småland did sign up to a 3 year journey! The GrowKomp Journey.

The kick-off took place at Kinnarps Arena, in Jönköping and is a program managed by Jönköping, Vaggeryd and Nässjö Business Regions in cooperation with the Jönköping Business School and the leading consultancy firms  Innovation 360 Group and Codeq.


GrowKomp is an 8.2 million SEK worth development project financed by the European Union that has as a goal to generate sustainable growth and competitiveness for 30 companies in Vaggeryd, Jönköping and Nässjö. This initiative will be possible through the strategic facilitation of innovation capabilities, competencies, CSR, gender equality and diversity.

The facilitators of the project are Innovation 360 Group and Codeq, that in a period of 3 years offer an analysis of the current situation, a business and innovation strategy intertwined with couching and consulting to all the companies. Together they will also provide individual analysis, feedback, coaching and training hence providing the companies with the necessary expertise to further develop their innovation capabilities. All highly digitalized and very scalable.

Five Levels of innovation assessment, analysis and development.

Assessing, analyzing and developing innovation can be made on five levels as illustrated in the image below. The region represented in the fourth level is one of the most complex and in this case close to be 80% digitalized by using InnoSurvey for assessing competencies, capabilities, collecting data regarding diversity, company facts, industry and market as well as case management, coach facilitation notes and support, digital sign-in on events, and setting, following up and coaching for actions to close the identified gaps.

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