You are invited to “Navigating the New World Order” with tangible advice, backed by science, to adapt and take actions for the new normal.

April 13th at 2 pm EST, register here

We are facing a historically challenging situation. A situation that, in some respects, bears a resemblance to the Spanish flu (1918-1920) and prior to this, the spread of cholera in 1820 and onward. Magnus Penker, one of the world’s leading experts on radical innovation and transformation, residing in New York, leads governmental and organizational transition. He advises, with his team at Innovation360, in 45 countries. The assignments are focused around taking control of the current situation at hand, being creative, and motivating and inspiring. Magnus and his team have been hired by several governments, the military, and 10% of the world’s largest 100 companies in the world.

Magnus will broadcast live on Thursday, April 13, at 2 pm US Eastern Standard Time for one hour.

Sign up and get access to up-to-date advice that is based on science and data. This advise comes directly from the world’s largest innovation and transformation management database and encompasses real-world examples of recovery from present and past disasters, and includes tools to handle these types of situations.

These tools cover specific areas and concerns befitting today’s climate, as follows:

Mobilization: How to see positive opportunities and create motivation in your organization.
Resources: Secure your supply, personnel, skills, and infrastructure: Super-clusters, reorganization, and redistribution of personnel between companies.
Accelerate: Work, motivate, and lead online – how to do it? How do the best organizations do it?
Adjust: To make the right decision and prioritize under total uncertainty, showcasing methods and examples.
Take new steps: How to collect new groundbreaking ideas in 48 hours, showcasing methods and examples.
Navigate into the future: Scenario analysis and plan for the post-Corona world, one that will look different – a new normal!