Ho Ho – Play Bold Podcast Holiday Special with 17 thought leaders around the world! Fantastic interviews with NASA executives, space designers, priests, Islamic leadership experts, super entrepreneurs, professors from the world-leading universities, Hollywood folks, authors, and experts on innovation and transformations, as well as corporate executives. All possible perspectives are now compiled into the last episode of the first session of Play Bold.

It is thought-provoking, fun, entertaining, and features unbelievable stories that have never been revealed before. Listen and share with the world.

For all of you waiting for the book “Play Bold,” the launch date is now set for February 2nd. The next session of the podcast, Play Bold, starts on January 21st. In the meantime, Happy Holidays.

Listen to the podcast here.

Michael Hjorth Alinka Rutkowska jack roberts Louise Callenberg Lynn W. Phillips, PhD. Lars G Fröjd John Saiz Dr. Siti Rohani Md. Yusof Ginger Grant, PhD Niclas Carlsson Isaiah EngelbrechtJose Pires Jens Saltin Maurizio GrassiCecilia Hertz Leif Edvinsson Taras Kravtchouk