If you want to grow you business, your aim will be not to perpetuate your existing business model but to buy time–time to build up the capabilities and resources you need to make the leap to the next S-curve intelligently

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Here is an uncomfortable truth: In time, everything in your life, as you know it, will perish. This is true of your relationships, your jobs, and, perhaps especially so, your business. It’s not nihilism; it’s just reality. But rather than taking this state of affairs as a defeat, I propose instead that it is actually a wonderful phenomenon.

In mathematics, it’s referred to as the S-curve. Essentially, the S-curve describes the predictable pattern of anything that develops over time: You’re born, you grow–first gradually and then more quickly–you slow down as you mature, and then you fade out. This trajectory is true for people, organiza­tions, cities, countries, and civilizations. Every single one of us is somewhere within the bounds of our own unique S-curve.

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