Set the vision of the planet with me and Cecilia Hertz! At the World Expo in Dubai (which is currently underway), the space week begins next week, on October 20. Astronauts, ministers, the head of the UAE’s space company, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Agency, H.E. Sarah Al Aamiri, UAE minister Of State for Advanced Technology, and representatives from NASA, ESA, ISA, and the Swedish and Italian Pavilion will gather to lead the Blue Marble Vision under the guidance of the famous space designer Cecilia Hertz and myself.

The Purpose of the Blue Marble Vision

The purpose is to connect space technology with the earth to find solutions to the challenges we have – it is not enough to use conventional technology and thinking. This is in line with the Nobel Prize in Economics awarded the day before yesterday – the use natural experiments already done to read seemingly impossible problems that need to be solved. Read more in the attached program!

Kick-Start with us

To kick-start the formulation of the Blue Marble Vision, we use the world’s most sophisticated ideation platform – check it out here

As I would also like you to be part of the contributors, I invite you to go to and sign up, and leave your challenges that need to be solved!