I just got home from the great event at Koenigsegg, the Extrem Tech Club, where I was appointed as the process curator, empowering the vision

To push the boundaries of technology and create new products that will change the way we live and work, we formed a mission statement for the club: To unleash the power of extreme technologies and ecosystems to solve the unsolvable and make the impossible possible.

Wow, it was cool. A Six-month Innovation Sprit changing the industry’s perception of what’s possible!

Video produced by Imitera AB, one o the participants at the event.

Partners: Koenigsegg, Polestar, Lightyear, Aurobay, NEVS, and Marell, together with Innovation360 in collaboration with Space for Agenda 2030 with Space designer Cecilia Hertz, astronaut Christer Fuglsang, and the European Space Agency

High-tech suppliers: Aikolon, Betterfrost, BP Oil UK Limited, Elaphe, Flexound, Here, Imitera, New Cable Corporation, Optiphase Drive, Rapid Images, Research Institutes of Sweden, Semcon, Siili Automotive, Skey Network, Tactotek, Textreme, Bcomp, HERA project (Aachen Uni), Unikie.