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Magnus Penker is an internationally-renowned though leader on innovation, artificial intelligence, digitization, and business transformation. He is the CEO of Innovation 360 Group, and a speaker in prestigious global forums and events, such as – The Global Peter Drucker Forum, top ranked international business and design schools, a variety of associations and some of the world’s largest companies. Mr. Penker is currently writing a 5 Volume Series on Business Innovation titled The Complete Guide to Business Innovation and is contributing as an editor at the International Journal of Innovation Science.

As a result of these achievements he has been honored with the Business Worldwide Magazine award as the ‘Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016’ and appointed as a Global Top 100 CEO by CEO Monthly year 2018. Additionally, he has launched 10 start-ups as well as acquired, turned around, and sold +30 SMEs all over Europe.

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Innovation is for everyone. I mean that in two ways. First, no one should think that this is a special talent possessed by only a few lucky individuals. Everyone can learn how to innovate successfully. It’s a science, and not a mad science like alchemy but a good science like chemistry. It takes the right combination of the right elements to innovate successfully, but once those elements are in place the company can replicate the process, over and over. No company can depend on a single great idea for very long. It requires a culture of innovation to win consistently in a rapidly changing market.

At the same time, “innovation is for everyone” means that it belongs to the whole world. Innovation can and must do far more for us than just help a single company become a bit more efficient. Our entire planet needs to think more innovatively if we hope to prevent a catastrophic future.

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